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Working under various ceramic makers for years, I am able to maintain any facet of a ceramics studio. On a regular basis throwing and trimming vessels. Loading and firing electrical and gas kilns low and high fire, atmospheric kilns including wood fueled kilns, soda/salt kilns, and able to conduct a Raku firing as well as other alternative firing methods like a pit firing. Have drafted, built and assembled various kilns including Raku, high fire brick kiln, and installing and repairing electric kilns. Involved in teaching pottery lessons and weekly classes accommodating any skill level. Have created workshops and have various syllabi for diverse pottery lessons. Able to mix and maintain glazes. Knowledgeable of chemical containment and disposal procedures, how to properly clean and maintain a ceramics studio. Can interact and engage with customers and students, make sales, and maintain a professional relationship with staff, students, and customers. Able to curate a gallery space and prepare all steps for a fine arts show. Free thinking and unconventional problem solver.